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Our mission is to cultivate the love, passion and appreciation of fine Italian-American Cuisine, while providing a warm, family-friendly and authentic Italian dining experience.

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Elegant Dining at Giabella – 8th, 9th & 10th of September

Our best wishes through Hurricane Irma

With Hurricane Irma’s impending landfall looming, we just wanted to send along our best wishes for everyone’s safety. We truly appreciate all the support and loyalty our customers give us here in Flagler County. We’re crossing our fingers that everyone is able to adequately prepare for the storm and that damage will be avoided or limited by that preparedness. 

We too will be feeling the effects of Irma soon. We’re expecting high winds and quite a bit of rainfall, with the brunt of the storm coming in this weekend, at the moment we hope to stay operational throughout but we will post updates via Facebook or Instagram to confirm. At this time we will not be showcasing a menu until further notice.

Our thoughts are with everyone in the line of the storm. Stay safe, be kind.

If you haven’t seen an update, feel free to call and confirm if we are open.

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